Shaun <3 best of the best (most recent version):

During the day between classes:

"Sandra!!! Hope your day is going awesome! I love you and I can’t wait to talk to you later!!! Peace out homie!"

Good morning text:

"Gooood (beatboxes a little) morning! ***wiky wiky wiky***"

When I get out of work to talk or play video games text:

"Let me know when you’re free from the man ;)"

"Art thy there, my sweet pea? Art thou done with thy servitude?"

When I didn’t respond lol:

"Sandra! Y u no responding?!"

Submitted by wildejoycebasilholmes


Anonymous said: so i met a guy on omegle, and he is amazing. but i can tell my parents about him because he is 17 and im about four years younger than him. I know he is who he says he is and he flirts with me all the time over messages. he lives around two and a half hours away from me and i kinda like him too. but if my parents find out im scared that they are going to go mental , plus i love your blog :P please help me xx

Well, I know you’re going to do whatever you want either way but be very careful about meeting people on the internet, especially those who don’t live in the same area. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to meet someone over the internet, but it is dangerous at the same time. Not everyone is out there for the right reasons. At least make sure you have his Facebook, or have seen him on webcam or something that can make sure you know he is who he says he is.

Another thing I want to say before I go on.. please also be very careful about falling for someone a lot older than you, especially since you are 13. You might think you know everything at 13, and maybe you’re not an average 13 year old and are more mature, but you definitely don’t know everything. 17 year old boys are usually immature, horny and bored and will say anything to get you to show them your body on webcam. (Obviously not all of them, but most - trust me, I’ve been there, many times.)

Now, to be completely honest, I wouldn’t risk putting your parent’s trust in jeopardy, and making them that mad over a boy you “kinda like”.. you have to think about whether he is really worth it. Talk to him more, get to know him if that’s what you really want. Be aware that he might just be flirting with you because he can, because you’re far away and he may never meet you anyway and because you flirt back. It doesn’t mean he isn’t doing it with other girls and it doesn’t mean he likes you in a “I want a relationship” kind of way.

And please, please if you ever meet up with him take a friend, or 3 with you and be very careful!

Good luck with whatever happens, though :) xo


Anonymous said: its not to say that I no longer love my boyfriend, but me and him always argue now. We spent our year anniversary together recently and after I Realised how things have changed. He no longer calls me pretty, puts in the effort and he doesn't show me he cares. I tried talking to him but its of no use, help me asap please?

If he isn’t going to make any effort, and doesn’t try everything to keep you around then do you really want to settle for a mediocre relationship? I mean, he doesn’t need to call you pretty every second or buy you presents but it’s nice to be thought of/made to feel like you’re still as important as you used to be. You’ve been in a relationship for a year, not 10 years - the little things should still be happening. That’s just my opinion anyway. If you’ve tried to talk about it and he wont listen, or he isn’t willing to do anything to change then you need to think about what it is that you want.

Best of luck, hope I helped..


2000-nn-late said: So there was this guy and he was a total flirt with me. We talked all the time and texted, then one day we just stopped. I texted him and he never texted me back. I called and he never called back. I have up figuring I was being annoying and he had moved on. Then 2 nights ago I texted him my feelings an he replied with "I did really like you but we stopped talking." I'm crushed and just wanted to get it off my chest.

He stopped talking to you and doesn’t want to be honest with you so he’s making out like his decision to stop talking was mutual. Give up on him, someone will come along who makes you feel like you’re the only girl in the world. Really.


Cute Text <3

"If I matched a reason I love you to every star in the universe, I would run out of stars."

Submitted by Abbey.


Anonymous said: Hi there, so im a guy. One of my bestfriends had crush on this girl. So we all tried to help him, talk to her and set him up with her. Gradually we all became friends. But somewhere in between, that girl fell in love with me,and i started liking her too. So much that we are now together. She means the world to me, and i know for a fact that shes my soulmate. The problem is my bestfriend doesnt know about it. My gf and i, both cant tell him the truth without hurting him.Hes like a brother.Help me

well.. you’ve definitely left it for way too long. You should have been honest with him at the beginning when you started liking her. If he gets upset now, he kind of has a right to. You need to tell him asap, if he’s really your best friend and you want to keep him in your life. Imagine he finds out from someone else how upset he would be?

Just take him aside, try and do it in person and say “look I know you like *name*, but she told me she likes me and I really like her back. I hope you don’t take it as if I went behind your back because I really didn’t, it was an accident and I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me” and see how it goes from there. I mean he can’t force the girl to like him so he would’ve had to deal with it either way, know what I mean? Still you should be sensitive to his feelings.

Good luck x


Me and My guy best friend have finally started to get closer :)

Him: You’ll probably hook up with him.
Me: Idk if i want to
Him: why not?
Me: I like you
Him: so?
Me: I don’t want to be with another guy
Him: (:
Me: haha (:
Him: Youre pretty cute.

Submitted by crazy-child


I’m in a long distance relationship with my lover & I sent her this:

In your eyes I find a hope,
A hope in your eyes I’ve seen.
And on your lips I find a kiss,
A kiss that gives me wings:
To fly away into the sky,
Into the sky so blue.
I’d give up everything I am,
To be everything to you.

In my soul there is a yearning,
To hold you in my arms.
And in my heart there is a burning,
To keep you from all harm.

Your voice as sweet as honey,
ever-tender in my ear.
Your lips dripping nectar from the gods
To sooth away my fears.

In your fingertips I find a touch,
Feels like fire on my skin. 
You’ve given me the torch of love,
To light my flame again.

I want to lay with you under the stars,
To see them sparkle in the skies,
To kiss your lips so tenderly
And get lost in the depth of your eyes.

In your smile I see a love,
A love that stretches to the skies.
And in my smile I know you’ll find
A love that will NEVER die.

Submitted by wishmaster91


"Baby, My mind- Nor the English language, has the words to describe how much I love you. I’m not sure how, But I will spend my life with you trying to find the collection of words, pictures, drawings, movies, quotes, flowers, chocolates, Crane machine prizes, and any other cliche that you can think of that it will take to show you how strong I truly love you. All I can hope is that you will stay with me until that day that my collection is complete.. And with my love growing ever stronger with each rising sun, I know in my heart that I’ll never have to face the when you leave. Babe, You are an amazing girl and an even more amazing girlfriend that I am very lucky to have. I never want you to leave me & just remember what I told you- You’ll be stunning only until a hawk comes and rips off your face, dumps you in acid, and you manage to crawl the hell out and you sunburn. Until then, Quit saying you look bad babygirl :) Good morning!"

Submitted by Kelly.


Jake: You wanna know why I smile in the morning?
Because when I turn on my phone I see your beautiful face.

Submitted by katelyn-young


He’s so sweet <3

Me: Oh, so you want to keep me forever?
Yes! I do!
Do you want me to be your high-school sweetheart?
Haha i guess so…I mean…you are:)
Awww! so you want to be able to say, “Yeah this is my girlfriend, we’ve been together forever”?
Nope.. It’d be, “Yeah this is my wife….”;)

Submitted by Carla.



Me: babe I’m sick
Don’t be cause I’ll see you tomorrow
I’m lovesick and you’re my medicine ;)
Her: D’awweee hope u feel better..i love u <3

Submitted Anonymously.


Don’t you think it’s cute ? <3

Lately when I look into your eyes I realized

You’re the only one I need in my life.

Baby I just don’t know how to decribe

How lovely you made me feel inside.

Submitted by Ann.

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"there’s no doubt i can be an incredibly difficult person and that sometimes im hard to work out..but no one else has ever gotten into my head like you have- ever. and i truly believe no one else ever will. and just to let you know stuff that maybe you’ve also forgotten….i still want to watch tv shows with you. i still want to watch movies with you. i still want to swim in water with you. i still want to fly with you again. i still want to be in another country with you. i still want to shower with you. i still want to share bubble baths. i still want to make dinner together. i still want to take photos together. and most important of all…i still miss you all the time."

Submitted by itsinevitable.


So I really love your blog! You always give good advice and I was wondering if maybe you could help me. So my boyfriend and I, are going to Washington to visit my mom. And well I told my dad, about how my boyfriend who I have been with for 9 months is going with me, and he starts flipping out and calling me and my mom names. And then he told me my boyfriend is banned from coming to the house. I don’t understand why my dad still treats me like a child when I’m not. How can I talk to him to make him understand that my boyfriend means good and isn’t like most guys. My dad has met my boyfriend a hundred times, and he knows that my boyfriend would never hurt me and that he has good intentions, so why would my dad be furious when I say my boyfriend and I are going to spend the holidays with my mom. Please help :/

Submitted by maddieyanes.

Well, the only thing I can really think of here is that maybe your dad is jealous you’re spending the holidays with your mum? I mean if he has been comfortable with your boyfriend in the past then this is kind of strange. Maybe you need to sit down and talk to him. Ask him what the problem is and why he’s so upset? Maybe he’s worried that something will happen while you’re over there with your boyfriend. Does he let your boyfriend stay over at your house? Because that could be a reason why as well.

There’s no point in me guessing though cause you cant fix this unless you talk to him. He wont know what you’re feeling and you wont know what’s going on with him. Your parents are mostly always going to treat you like a child, because you will always be their child but when you’re still living with them you kind of just have to deal with it if you want your home life to be somewhat peaceful. You know that your boyfriend wont hurt you and isn’t like other guys but your dad doesn’t know that. You’re his daughter and he’s going to be weary of any boyfriend you have. That’s his job, dear. Just talk to him and see what happens.

Best of luck :) x